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(18/05/2015 - 15h22) - UK Conservative Victory Sparks Climate and Renewable Energy Concerns - The surprise Conservative victory in the recent UK elections have some worrying about the future of renewable and climate progress, but officials are now calming those fears. View full content.
(11/05/2015 - 12h19) - Renewables Account for 75 Percent of New US Generating Capacity in First Quarter of 2015 - WASHINGTON, D.C. -- According to the latest "Energy Infrastructure Update" report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) View full content.
(04/05/2015 - 13h55) - A Two-in-One Energy Solution: Capturing Waste Heat for Electricity - In Dublin, Ohio, the Community Recreation Center decided to reduce its energy waste. Rather than rely on an electric utility to burn more coal or natural gas to provide electricity, as well as its own boilers to burn more fuel to provide heat, the facility decided to install a combined heat and power (CHP) unit. View full content.
(27/04/2015 - 11h31) - At last! EPA proposes timelines for finalizing 2014, 2015, and 2016 Renewable Fuel Standard volumes - Proposed consent decree offers timelines for ethanol, advanced fuels through 2016, biobased diesel through 2017. View full content.
(20/04/2015 - 14h23) - Middle East Turns to Biofuels Amid Rocky Oil Prices and Environmental Awareness - Consumers worldwide are witness to the fluctuations in the fuel prices recently and the Middle East is no exception. View full content.
(13/04/2015 - 11h15) - Clean Energy Makes Up Record Share of UK Power with Coal-to-Biomass Conversions - LONDON -- U.K. electricity from low-carbon sources accounted for almost a quarter of the country’s generation in the fourth quarter as Drax Group Plc converted a second coal-power plant to burn wood. View full content.
(06/04/2015 - 10h27) - 23rd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition - A wor ld class renowned event for dialogue between research , industry, policy and business of biomass View full content.
(30/03/2015 - 10h24) - New York Launches Innovation Lab To Study Renewable Energy and the Advanced Grid - The next-gen smart grid R&D laboratory will be largest in the world. View full content.
(23/03/2015 - 09h20) - SMUD’s Community Renewable Energy Deployment Program: Partnering for Results in Clean Energy - The Community Renewable Energy Deployment (CRED) program at the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has developed four innovative local renewable energy projects, providing up to 5.6 MW of additional clean energy generation to SMUD’s customers. View full content.
(16/03/2015 - 13h01) - Researchers Discover New Material to Produce Clean Energy - Researchers at the University of Houston have created a new thermoelectric material, intended to generate electric power from waste heat View full content.
(09/03/2015 - 15h53) - Researchers Discover New Material to Produce Clean Energy - Researchers at the University of Houston have created a new thermoelectric material, intended to generate electric power from waste heat View full content.
(02/03/2015 - 10h25) - Outlook for Bioenergy 2015: What’s in Store for This Versatile Renewable Energy Feedstock? - Bioenergy is the only renewable energy feedstock that cuts across the thermal, electrical and transportation sectors. However most experts agree that its vast potential has only just begun to be tapped. View full content.
(23/02/2015 - 09h20) - Renewable Energy Roundtable: Production and Investment Tax Policy to be a Top Priority in 2015 - Tulsa, OK -- The renewable energy industry has come a long way in relatively little time. View full content.
(16/02/2015 - 09h41) - 2015: The Clean Economy’s Watershed Year? - In a crammed Washington conference room last week, speaker after speaker seemed to apologize for their ‘broken record’ talking points as Bloomberg New Energy Finance and the Business View full content.
(08/02/2015 - 16h09) - Biobatteries: Taking Battery Technology to the Next Level - There’s a good chance that the electric battery of the future will have biobased aspects to them — or may even be powered by a biofuel. How’s that again? View full content.
(02/02/2015 - 09h42) - Seven Reasons Cheap Oil Can't Stop Renewables Now - Oil prices have fallen by more than half since July. Just five years ago, such a plunge in fossil fuels would have put the renewable-energy industry on bankruptcy watch. Today: Meh. View full content.
(26/01/2015 - 10h07) - Turning Waste into Energy in Oregon: City of Gresham Wastewater Treatment Plant - Clean energy alchemy is happening in Oregon, turning waste into clean, renewable energy. With technical and financial assistance from Energy Trust of Oregon and the Oregon Department of Energy, View full content.
(19/01/2015 - 14h04) - The US Department of Energy's Shifting Worldview for Biofuels Deployment, Now through 2030 - Feedstock costs and challenges come under the microscope as the DOE reports new data on algae-based feedstocks and terrestrial crops too. Can algae-based biofuels reach full commercial scale by 2030? View full content.
(05/01/2015 - 11h10) - Energy Storage: Progress and Promise - The pending boom of the energy storage industry is right around the corner, and the U.S. View full content.
(29/12/2014 - 11h39) -'s Top 10 Blogs of 2014 - Check out the most popular blogs posted on REW during the past year. View full content.
(22/12/2014 - 11h15) - Generating Heat and Power from Waste Is Focus of BioEnergy Tour during REWNA - Renewable Energy World Conference, North America and Power-Gen International Attendees visit an energy garden at the start of Power Generation Week in Orlando, Florida. View full content.
(15/12/2014 - 10h31) - Flying on Green Energy - The biofuel industry celebrated a few important milestones this summer, one of which was the first commercial international flight that used a drop-in replacement for jet fuel, called renewable farnesane. View full content.
(08/12/2014 - 09h37) - Israel Energy Week: Zeroing in on Renewable Energy Technology - Israel Energy Week highlights the advancements local companies are bringing to the energy table. View full content.
(01/12/2014 - 16h32) - Shining a Light on Women Leaders in the Power Industry - Meet the three finalists for the POWER-GEN 2014 Women of the Year Award, the winner of which will be announced next month. View full content.
(24/11/2014 - 14h35) - Biofuel & Biomaterial Crops: We Might Be Doing It Wrong - As I was recently dulling blades while chopping switchgrass for some experiments, I started thinking whether the “high yield perennial grasses on marginal land” paradigm makes any sense for biofuels. There are many positives about using perennial grasses. View full content.
(17/11/2014 - 10h26) - Levelized Cost of Electricity Models: The Good, The Bad and the Potential for Bias - LCOE — levelized cost of electricity — is an unstandardized model used by governments, companies, consultants and others to make an economic assessment of the cost of generating electricity from a specific source. View full content.
(10/11/2014 - 10h37) - Comparing the Costs of Biomass Conversion and Offshore Wind - LONDON -- A new report compares the equivalent total consumer cost of converting existing coal-fired power stations to run on biomass to replacing a proportion of power generation from biomass conversions with an equivalent level of generation from offshore wind. It finds that the biomass conversion scenario is considerably cheaper. View full content.
(03/11/2014 - 10h30) - Turning Humble Seaweed to Biofuel - A Norwegian research group has been able to achieve bio-oil yields of 79 percent from a common kelp, much higher than other attempts. The secret is to heat the kelp very quickly and bring it to the right temperature within seconds. View full content.
(27/10/2014 - 11h02) - Earth to Cellulosic Biofuels: Good to See You, Buddy, What Took So Long? Part II - “The five years away forever” put to rest — but are there troubling waters still ahead? For whom, and why? View full content.
(20/10/2014 - 14h57) - Renewable Energy Storage Gains Critical Mass - A host of U.S. renewable energy storage executives recently gathered here in the Silicon Valley are referring to the rapid expansion of the storage industry by comparing it to the solar power industry six or eight years ago, before that companion sector became the juggernaut it is now. View full content.
(13/10/2014 - 14h37) - Food For Watts: Turning Post-consumer Food Waste into Renewable Energy - A new project in Oregon creates biogas from consumer food waste and developers have big plans for the future. View full content.
(06/10/2014 - 10h43) - White Lists: A Proactive Approach to Risk Reduction for the Bioenergy Industry - Cultivation of bioenergy crops is predicted to increase to between 27 and 120 million acres by 2022 in order to meet the renewable energy needs of the U.S. and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Renewable Fuel Standard. View full content.
(29/09/2014 - 16h55) - Scotland Rejects Independence, But Concerns Linger for a Renewables Future - With Scotland voting to stay in the union of the UK, concerns over the future for renewable energy have rescinded. But with the nationalist movement bolstered by the 1.6 million people voting for independence, questions over long-term stability remains. View full content.
(22/09/2014 - 11h35) - Obama’s International Climate Strategy: More Grease for Renewables - It was good news for renewable energy when President Barack Obama in June proposed carbon dioxide restrictions on existing power plants. View full content.
(15/09/2014 - 11h16) - Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2014: September Update and Thoughts on the Finavera Deal - Clean energy stocks and the market in general rebounded strongly in August. View full content.
(08/09/2014 - 10h25) - Overcoming Hurdles To Use More Renewable Energy - Last week, General Motors joined 11 other companies committed to renewable energy in signing on to the Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles View full content.
(01/09/2014 - 11h01) - Could Africa be the Global Epicenter of Renewable Energy by 2030? - Today, headlines like “Africa Rising” and “Africa Ascending” are often used around the world to describe the unprecedented transformation. View full content.
(25/08/2014 - 10h57) - UK Supermarket To Be Powered Exclusively by Waste-To-Energy Plant - The retailer also plans to heat its stores with ground-source heat pumps, using recycled heat from its refrigeration systems. View full content.
(18/08/2014 - 10h07) - Global Renewable Energy Status Uncovered - REN21’s 2014 Global Status Report reveals a number of key trends for the renewables sector, shedding light on likely policy and market movements across technologies. View full content.
(11/08/2014 - 09h52) - China Installs Equivalent of Australia's Total Solar Capacity — In Six Months - In a big push to cut carbon and support industry, China added more than 3 GW of solar in the first half of 2014. View full content.
(04/08/2014 - 11h44) - Renewable Energy Expansion Continues in Ukraine with New Biogas Capacity - MOSCOW -- American investor-backed LNK has added the fifth biogas power facility to the already four operating in war-torn Ukraine. View full content.
(28/07/2014 - 10h39) - US Government Has Big Bucks To Help Jumpstart Renewable Energy Innovation - The government hopes to encourage innovative renewa View full content.
(21/07/2014 - 10h20) - US Should Learn from Germany’s Renewable Energy…Mistakes? - A new report finds that Germany has made costly mistakes in its transition to renewable energy, and suggests that the US should heed warnings when developing its own energy future. View full content.
(14/07/2014 - 12h03) - Renewables to Receive Lion's Share of $7.7 Trillion in Global Power Funding - LONDON -- Renewable energy may reap as much as two-thirds of the $7.7 trillion in investment View full content.
(07/07/2014 - 11h09) - Biofuel Advancement Threatened: How Can We Save the Renewable Fuel Standard? - Advanced biofuels are no longer a futuristic hope — they are here. This year, three companies including DuPont will turn on commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol biorefineries View full content.
(30/06/2014 - 12h12) - Brazil's Cosan Sees Potential to Triple Biomass Power Generation - Billionaire Rubens Ometto’s Cosan SA has the potential to triple its power generation by burning sugar-cane View full content.
(25/06/2014 - 11h45) - Wanted: An EU Biofuels Policy that Is Fair for All - At the beginning of 2014, the European Commission unveiled a policy framework for climate and energy from 2020 to 2030. View full content.
(16/06/2014 - 23h37) - Biofuels Making Progress on Two Continents - Two announcements highlight advancement in biofuel adoption and use as a means to lowering greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy security. View full content.
(09/06/2014 - 10h53) - Avoiding Negative Impacts from a Biomass Energy Strategy - At first glance the conclusion drawn by a new report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) sounds like an impossibly tall order. View full content.
(03/06/2014 - 10h44) - Obama’s New Carbon Plan Makes History for Clean Energy - Virginia, USA -- In a history-making move for clean energy, the Obama administration today, for the first time, proposed a rule to restrict carbon dioxide on existing power plants. View full content.
(26/05/2014 - 10h49) - A New Way To Harness Waste Heat - Electrochemical approach has potential to efficiently turn low-grade heat to electricity. View full content.
(19/05/2014 - 10h21) - Unzipping Poplars' Biofuel Potential - What began 20 years ago as an innovation to improve paper industry processes View full content.
(12/05/2014 - 10h32) - Solving the Biofuels Debt Crisis Part I - Interested in transforming liquid fuels and wondering “where are the gallons? View full content.
(05/05/2014 - 11h05) - Ramping Up Worldwide Investment in Renewable Energy - How can renewable energy financiers vastly expand worldwide investment to cut back climate change? On April 9. View full content.
(28/04/2014 - 13h04) - UK Awards First Guaranteed Power Price Contracts to Biomass, Offshore Wind Projects - Drax Group Plc, Dong Energy A/S and SSE Plc will get guaranteed power prices for U.K. biomass and offshore wind plants, View full content.
(21/04/2014 - 14h54) - Top 10 Trends in Brazil Biofuels for 2014 - After the inter-harvest season, what’s up in the Big South? View full content.
(14/04/2014 - 11h04) - DSM to Make Biofuel by July as US Considers Cutting Renewable Fuel Standard - NEW YORK -- Royal DSM NV, the world’s largest vitamin manufacturer, expects to begin producing cellulosic ethanol in the U.S. View full content.
(07/04/2014 - 15h43) - Avoiding Negative Impacts from a Biomass Energy Strategy - At first glance the conclusion drawn by a new report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) View full content.
(28/03/2014 - 11h30) - Is the Ukraine Crisis Compromising Germany's Renewable Energy Future? - The crisis in Ukraine has added an extra dose of uncertainty to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's biggest domestic project: View full content.
(22/03/2014 - 23h01) - UK Bioenergy: Are Dedicated Biomass Plants a Bust? - Despite the UK government’s oft-stated renewable energy ambitions, investors are walking away from dedicated biomass projects as inconsistent and far less ambitious policy decisions begin to affect sentiment. View full content.
(17/03/2014 - 10h27) - Supercomputer Exposes Biofuel Enzyme's Secrets - Thanks to newer and faster supercomputers, today's computer simulations are opening hidden vistas to researchers in all areas of science. View full content.
(10/03/2014 - 15h19) - Predicting PV Plant Power Fluctuations and Optimising Energy Storage - The ability to accurately predict and prevent power fluctuations is of considerable importance to Solar PV View full content.
(28/02/2014 - 12h49) - Unique Bioreactor Finds Algae's Sweet Spot - A unique bioreactor at the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) View full content.
(24/02/2014 - 14h28) - Israel’s Renewable Energy Sector at a Crossroads - LONDON -- Israel’s ministerial committee for renewable energy approved last week the transfer of 290 megawatts (MW) renewable energy View full content.
(17/02/2014 - 16h15) - Renewable Energy Generation to Expand UK Waste-fired Bioenergy Plan - LONDON -- Renewable Energy Generation Ltd., a British low-carbon asset developer backed by BlackRock Inc View full content.
(10/02/2014 - 17h00) - Europe Divided on Supply Security as Renewable Energy Grows - LONDON -- European Union governments and the bloc’s executive arm are splitting over how to guarantee electricity supply as the region builds more renewable power. View full content.
(03/02/2014 - 14h54) - $41 Million in Loans Announced for Renewable Energy Projects in Developing Countries - Abu Dhabi -- Loans of $41 million were announced for renewable energy projects in six developing countries by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD). View full content.
(27/01/2014 - 16h20) - Renewable Energy Provides 37% of All New US Electrical Generating Capacity in 2013 - WASHINGTON, D.C. -- According to the latest "Energy Infrastructure Update" report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Office of Energy Projects. View full content.
(21/01/2014 - 13h34) - Working to Clean the Air from Fracking and Create Biofuels - In the annals of impressive eating, there was The Cat That Swallowed the Canary and The Eggplant That Ate Chicago. Now, add The Microbe That Consumes the Methane. View full content.
(13/01/2014 - 15h42) - Danish Pension Fund To Invest in Renewable Energy Projects in Developing Nations - LONDON -- PensionDanmark A/S and other Danish pension investors backed a state fund to finance emission-reduction projects in developing countries View full content.
(16/12/2013 - 15h29) - EU Uncertainty Threatens Biofuel Output Target, Agra CEAS Says - LONDON -- Regulatory uncertainty in the European Union means production of biofuels in the bloc may miss targets as investors. View full content.
(09/12/2013 - 17h05) - Ontario's Long-term Energy Plan: Inside the New Numbers - New Hampshire, USA -- This week the Ontario government released its Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP), which balances a big ramp-up in renewable energy and notable pullback in nuclear. View full content.
(25/11/2013 - 15h52) - Latin America Report: Wind Sweeps Brazil's A-3 Power Auctions - New Hampshire, USA -- Brazil's latest A-3 auction, matching up developers and power purchasers to prepare renewable energy projects to meet the nation's electricity demand by 2016. View full content.
(18/11/2013 - 16h02) - European Commission To Member States: Follow Our Lead for Renewable Energy Policy - New Hampshire, USA -- The European Commission has offered up some new guidelines about managing electricity markets among its Member States View full content.
(13/11/2013 - 12h35) - SEC Clarifies Crowdsourcing Rules, What's the Impact on Renewables? - New Hampshire, USA -- The SEC has finally proposed its rules to allow crowd-funding under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act. View full content.
(04/11/2013 - 13h07) - The 4 Monster Myths of Renewable Fuels - As Matt Horton, CEO of Propel Fuels, relates the tale, he hears the four Monster Myths of Renewable Fuels, also known as the “conventional wisdom” View full content.
(28/10/2013 - 19h09) - South Africa Utility to Expand Biogas Plant for Power - Johannesburg, South Africa -- Johannesburg Water SOC Ltd., which provides sanitation to South Africa’s biggest city, plans to expand power capacity from a biogas plant. View full content.
(21/10/2013 - 14h51) - Alternative Energy Outperforms All Other Sectors in September - Alternative energy mutual funds (MF) racked up extremely robust gains in the past year. Returns range from a low of 16 percent, to a high of 64 percent for a mutual fund that is heavy into solar investments. View full content.
(14/10/2013 - 16h11) - Millions in Support for Ukraine Biomass Project - UKRAINE - The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is supporting new projects for alternative power generation in Ukraine. View full content.
(08/10/2013 - 11h54) - DP CleanTech to build renewable power plant in China - DP CleanTech, a designer and commissioner and biomass- and waste-to-energy power plants, has signed a contract with Shougang Holding Tianguan Group to develop a biomass-fired power plant in Henan province, China. View full content.
(30/09/2013 - 14h44) - New lignin pathway discovered for potential bioenergy production - A multi-university study into biomass-to-energy has claimed to have found a new lignin gene which could aid conversion. View full content.
(24/09/2013 - 11h24) - New report shows carbon benefits of biomass - A new report by Bridging with Biomass, a coalition of North American and European wood pellet producers, suggests that the use of solid biomass for power generation achieves significant carbon savings. View full content.
(09/09/2013 - 17h45) - UK Puts Biomass Sustainability Criteria in Place - LONDON -- The UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced its new criteria for sustainable biomass production, applicable from April 2015. View full content.
(02/09/2013 - 15h50) - Biofuel Industry Ripe for Growth in Province - CANADA - A new report claims that biofuel could be the answer to several of New Brunswick's economic and employment woes. View full content.
(19/08/2013 - 14h56) - Cost-competitive Renewable Energy - LONDON -- Improvements in cost-competitiveness mean that renewable energy will account for between 69 percent and 74 percent of new global. View full content.
(12/08/2013 - 16h30) - Govt Outlines Objectives for Energy-efficiency by 2020 - RUSSIA - The Russian government has outlined as a national objective the goal of Russia becoming 40 per cent more energy-efficiency by 2020. USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. View full content.
(05/08/2013 - 19h23) - Europe's Transport Sector Sluggish in Adopting Biofuels, Report Finds - LONDON -- In advance of a vote on a European directive that will shape the Union’s future policy for biofuel use in the transport sector. View full content.
(29/07/2013 - 12h24) - Biomass. - Biomass had a 31% share in the Brazilian energy matrix in 2010, with 17.7% sugar cane products, 9.5% wood and 3.8% other residues. View full content.
(22/07/2013 - 11h22) - Obama delivers renewed renewable energy support for the US - One of the most powerful people on Earth, US President Barack Obama, gave a passionate address on climate change on June during a visit to Georgetown University in Washington DC. View full content.
(15/07/2013 - 12h25) - ‘World’s largest’ CFB biomass plant enters commercial operation - A new unit at the Polish Polaniec power station, which is fired with 100 per cent biomass, is now in commercial operation, delivering over 200 MWe of electricity to the grid. View full content.
(08/07/2013 - 16h13) - European report identifies importance of cogeneration - The European Environment Agency has produced a report which identifies cogeneration as an important option for biomass feedstock efficiency. View full content.
(01/07/2013 - 12h40) - Energy-hungry China scours the globe to secure future supplies - China's energy imports are so fundamental to its survival and development that China's new leadership has taken extraordinary steps to secure future supplies. View full content.
(24/06/2013 - 10h22) - ISSCT 2013 - The 28th ISSCT Congress, held every three years by the International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists (ISSCT), will be hosted in Brazil for the third time. It is organized by the Brazilian Society of Sugar and Ethanol Technologists (STAB). View full content.
(17/06/2013 - 17h06) - Brazil and the United States: Celebrating Leadership and Growing Partnership on BioFuels - Brazil and the United States: Celebrating Leadership and Growing Partnership on BioFuels View full content.
(10/06/2013 - 14h58) - Scientists bid to turn power station emissions into 'solar fuels' - Scientists in Edinburgh are working to develop technology capable of converting carbon dioxide emissions from power stations into fuel. View full content.
(03/06/2013 - 15h15) - Congress examines the potential of renewable energy in Mexico - Event debate public policies for bioelectricity produced from bagasse from sugar cane View full content.
(27/05/2013 - 16h21) - Sugarcane harvest reports - Updates of 2013/2014 harvest season LATEST BI-WEEKLY REPORT: Position until 05/01/2013 View full content.
(20/05/2013 - 18h54) - The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry: - From Food to Energy. A Trajectory of Achievement View full content.
(14/05/2013 - 11h55) - Sugarcane Ethanol in Brazil: Innovative & Sustainable - Brazil has achieved greater energy security thanks to its focused commitment to developing a competitive sugarcane industry and making ethanol a key part of its energy mix. View full content.
(01/12/2011 - 11h44) - TEXAS DOUBLES ITS FACILITIES FOR BETWEEN CROP 2011/2012 - Texas (branch center-south), aiming to meet the significant increase of customers for the winter growing season 2011/2012, is investing about 5 million to expand its plant facilities and acquisition of new machine tools. View full content.

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