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Word from the President

After Texas having been in existence for 40 years, it is with great satisfaction that we witness its constant evolution and its successful track record in a country where 80% of companies fail in the first five years.

This success is due in part to maintaining our work philosophy, which has not changed since the inauguration: we aim to create successful partnerships through personalized service to our clients, always with great respect and seriousness, and maintaining a harmonious work environment for our employees. Moreover, we put into practice the best of what we have at our disposal: our faith in God, our willingness to work, persistence, knowledge gained over more than four decades, and patience in the search for results — not only monetary, but also from learning obtained with strategies for overcoming our limitations.

For the future, we envisage even more work, always with a view to adding more technology and value to our products. After all, these are the foundations that have made the Texas brand known and, more importantly, respected in the market.

We aim to ensure that Texas continues operating into the coming decades, generating even more employment, income, and technological innovations in other segments. All this accompanied by investment in physical space, equipment, and especially in the people who, in their daily work, create new history that is worth telling and saving for future generations.

Our whole trajectory leads us to many reflections on everything that we have done and also to what our next steps will be heading into the future.

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