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Always seeking the best quality

Currently Texas relies on modern CNC machining centers, which purpose is to ensure a greater accuracy on the machining of TEXAS products.

With a production line defined through an annual industrialization program Texas produces equipment with a fixed schedule or the construction termination, what allows it to obtain the shortest delivery time in the market.

The quickness in which the technology to make its products has been upgraded has brought about substantial changes in the equipment dimensions, in the better utilization of the materials employed, and in faster speeds. Such requirements have become, together with quality and accuracy, keywords for the production of this equipment, as these are the elements which condition the equipment good performance, making them noble and fundamental to all industries using them.

We rely on a great team of dedicated and highly qualified professionals who produce high efficiency and reliability equipment, with a great repercussion on the sugar / alcohol sector. Grounded on these ideas Texas has developed its own technology for turbine construction, and now centrifuges, always based on the development of projects aiming at the maximum material usage, what results in more compact equipment with the highest efficiency the current technology may offer.

Texas' technical body makes a point of performing all this with stringent accuracy and quality.

Relying on a modern research and project department, Texas provides its customers with a leading edge technology on state-of-the-art software and equipment.

A stringent quality control is exercised on each production stage, from the receiving of raw material to the product delivery.

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