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Founded in the mid 1972, Texas has overcome many stages to evolve from an individual firm to its current status. iIt was led in this path by the great will and effort of its founder, who challenged all difficulties and prejudices in order to sow the seed of an industrial complex in the Brazilian Northeast, in a time where the infrastructures offered at the site were minimum.

Three years later, i.e. in 1975, it was founded Incopeças Ltda., which started its activities with the purpose of incorporating the activities of the individual firm.

With reduced facilities in the beginning, it only relied on a few machine tools and a few qualified technicians, but for just a short time, as the earnest acting of its administrators and the quality of the services provided caused the company to grow and evolve, in such a way to make available for its customers, up to early 1980s, one of the largest industrial estates intended for providing technical assistance in general for steam turbines, relying at the time on a great number of skilled professionals and state-of-the-art machine tools.

After the first decade in business, Incopeças and all its engineering and technical body had already acquired a broad experience in corrective, preventive maintenance and the manufacture of parts and components of the most varied turbine models and manufacturers, not being limited to the brands and nationalities existing in the Brazilian market. All this accumulated knowledge served as an encouragement for the development of an own technology which would be pioneer and the only genuinely Brazilian one.

So, Texas Turbinas a Vapor Ltda was founded in 1986 with the purpose of producing single- and multistage steam turbines, dedicated to the Sugar and Alcohol, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper industries, always aiming at its own high-efficiency, safety, and quality projects.

As of 1994, based on the need for a restructuring, organization and modernization, Texas decided to allocate all its manufacturing estate only to building equipment of its manufacturing line and, for such, it set up new departments and subsidiaries in order to fill this new gap, dividing its acting field in the country into two regionals and be able, through this innovation, to offer a differentiated service to each one of its Customers.

In 2006, a new industrial site of Texas is created in the city of Cravinhos (SP), with the purpose of increasing its participation in Brazil center south market in the selling of machines and services.

In 2010, Texas enters into a cooperation agreement with a renowned European company from the same business for the full manufacture of reaction turbines in Brazil with powers up to 60 MW, a steam pressure of 130 bar and temperature of 530 ºC.

Early in 2011, Texas develops and launches into the market the line of continuous and discontinuous sugar centrifuges and, in the second half of the same year, it duplicates the manufacturing capacity of the Cravinhos unit, with the purpose of offering with quality service all its line of machines and services to all its customers of the center-south region, thus increasing and strengthening its participation in the region's market with responsibility.

And today, with hundreds of equipment units made and in service, which were designed thanks to the years of tireless researches and hard work, Texas currently keeps as its greatest asset a significant list of satisfied customers, which consolidates it on a definitive basis and places it among the best manufacturer of steam turbines and, now, sugar centrifuges in the Country.

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